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SE Ranking Review 2023 – Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons!

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SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a top-notch all-inclusive seo toolkit that offers every single analysis and marketing feature that seo experts require in one area. The BEST All-in-one SEO.

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We’ve made it apparent that Pogodaev’s Blog is a big advocate of SE Ranking. It emerged at the top of our evaluation of the greatest search engine optimization software programs. On this post, you will come to know why. We will be studying each attribute in greater detail, and discuss its merits and flaws. In addition, we will analyze the cost of the product. At the end of this review, you should have a better understanding as to why se ranking is currently seen as the greatest seo solution available on the market. Furthermore, you’ll be able to decide if it is suitable for your needs or not.

Ready? Let’s get going!

What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is a top-notch all-inclusive seo toolkit that offers every single analysis and marketing feature that seo experts require in one area.

SE Rankign Review

Utilizing this, you can manage the essential activities necessary to bolster your presence in search engine result pages and observe your improvement. This incorporates operations like keyword investigation, site examining, adversary research, on-page enhancement, movement examination, etc.

In comparison to other all-in-one seo platforms, se ranking has two standout features. Firstly, it offers outstanding value for money in regards to the quality of data you are able to access.

Additionally, the rank tracking tool it provides is one of the finest on the market and boasts a massive database of links and keywords. In fact, in most trials we ran, se ranking found more backlinks and keywords than other major seo platforms.

When it comes to obtaining value for your money, there is no better option than SE Ranking.


What features does SE Ranking offer?

Upon registering for se ranking, you will be directed to the administrator dashboard. From this page, you can take advantage of all of the major seo applications available by utilizing the navigation bar at the top.

SE Rankign Review

We’ll investigate the potential of these seo tools and demonstrate their usage in the following section. Let’s first click on the create a project button to finalize the onboarding stage and get everything arranged properly.

SE Ranking Review

When you begin, se ranking will ask you to link your domain so that it can begin monitoring your search engine rankings in real-time. Moreover, you have the option of deciding whether to receive weekly emails with reports and website audits or not.

In order to progress through the project setup wizard, click on the next tab. After that, you will then be asked to enter your desired keywords and competitors, along with the search engines you would like to monitor.

To complete setting up your first project, link your google analytics and google search console account. When that’s been done, a few updates should appear on your dashboard: it should show some general details about the websites associated with it plus any developments made concerning your projects.

At the very top of the dashboard is a graph which shows you how well you are doing for each target keyword added to your project in terms of ranking position over time. You can alter between tabs in order to view graphs related to traffic and search visibility etc.

Beneath this is a table consisting of metrics and kpis regarding your project such as domain trust score, average positioning, backlinks status etc. Finally, you can start using all seo tools provided by se ranking from this improved dashboard.

Let’s take a closer look at each one of them now.

Rank tracking

SE Ranking provides an outstanding rank tracking feature. Utilizing their rankings module, you can monitor your keyword status in major search engines such as Google (including maps), Youtube, Bing and Yahoo.

SE Ranking Review

The rank tracker feature allows you to easily check your average ranking for any target keyword and observe the changes over time.

The tool also provides access to a variety of other useful info such as monthly keyword search volumes, projected website traffic, serp competitors and more.

To get started with the rank tracker, simply select the rankings option from the projects sidebar on the left-hand side. You can then choose to manually type in keywords or import them from the suggestion box with one click.

The list includes all of your most valuable keywords that you are already ranking for along with their search volume statistics. Depending on which plan you choose, ranking positions will be updated daily, every 3 days or weekly. You can also recheck rankings and search volumes in real-time by clicking on the recheck data button above.

On the summary page there are several visualizations that can help you grasp an overview of your performance quickly — one of them displays a graph showing how many top competitors have been ranked based on their total number of keywords. The rank tracker makes it easy to keep track of your average position for any target word as well as view changes over time; it further provides additional data such as monthly keyword searches, predicted site traffic, serp opponents etc..

To begin using this feature go to rankings tab from projects sidebar located at left side; adding keywords manually or importing them from suggestion box is possible just in single click — here’s a list containing most important words already being ranked.

SE Ranking Review

The chart will illustrate how many of your tracked keywords have progressed, decreased, or stayed the same.

This way, you’ll know if you’re going in the right direction. If you need to monitor your rankings on a local level, follow these steps: go to project settings and then head over to the search engines section.

From there, select a city or postal code for specific ranking information. If you don’t enter an exact location, the system will provide average ranking across the nation.

Moreover, if you would like to keep track of google ads rankings as well, just enable the track google ads rankings option. 

Keyword research

One can access the potent SE Ranking keyword research tool from the top navigation bar.

SE Ranking Review

You can employ the program to break down critical keyword elements, spot novel search terms, take a look at which webpages are already positioned in the search engine results or have ads running for your preferred keywords, and more.

Just type in a keyword you want to assess or come up with ideas from, pick a country and click on analyze. You will be directed right away to the overview page where you can view an outline of all important data.

SE Ranking Review

At the top of the page, you can find some key parameters for your keywords. The difficulty rating helps you understand how competitive it is to rank for that keyword and its search volume and cpc (cost-per-click).

Below that, there are brief summaries of keyword suggestions, organic results, serp history, and ad history.

Each of these sections can be opened up to examine more closely if you require more details. Se Ranking has collected thousands of related keyword ideas from its vast database to create your keyword suggestions report.

SE Ranking Review

In addition to the conventional metrics of search volume, competition score, difficulty score, and cpc that are associated with each proposed keyword, the serp features box will be very advantageous if you are trying to achieve high rankings in rich snippets and blocks. It lets you identify which serp attributes come up on the results page when analyzing keywords (carousels, videos, local packs etc.).

The low search volume tab is something we really appreciate. It is made up of key phrases that don’t get as many searches each month but generally have an obvious search intent. These are terms that your competitors may not be focusing on but will still deliver great results — so they should be taken into consideration by sites with low authority.

If you discover a key term that you desire to track, se ranking’s keyword manager makes it an easy task to keep track of with just one click. You will then be able to observe the rankings and other figures evolve over time without any hassle due to the integration of different tools on se ranking. This is why it is such an incredible platform.

The organic results survey will give you an overall view of the sites that have placed for the specified keyword, showing their average positioning, traffic generated, and expenditure for this traffic.

The organic serp history report allows you to take a look at serp outcomes from prior months, with information dating back to the beginning of 2020.

The ads history report allows you to investigate the paid search tactics used by your rivals and gain insight into their ad campaigns for the keyword in question over recent months.

Competitor research

SE Ranking competitor research tool offers a plethora of information concerning other websites.

You can dig deep in your competitor analysis, find out which keywords they are targeting, analyze their website visitors data and replicate their organic and paid search tactics.

Their keyword database is one of the most comprehensive that we have tested.

SE Ranking Review

To begin, select the competitive research option in the main menu bar, put in your rival’s domain or web page address, and click the analyze button.

At first glance of the overview page, you’ll be met with a plethora of data.

SE Ranking Review

At the top, you can take a look at se ranking’s domain trust and page trust rating—two metrics that give you an idea of how authoritative a website is based on its backlink profile.

Beside that, you’ll see the site’s average monthly organic and paid traffic, keywords, and cost of traffic.

Plus, the total number of backlinks and referring domains that link to the site. You can scroll down to find more information including a summary of your target domain’s visits by country, best-performing keywords and pages, ranking distribution, organic competitors, serp features and more.

For even greater insights, you can access detailed reports on all these topics. As an example in the pages report; you can find a comprehensive list of your competitor’s website pages with metrics such as traffic share; total visits; cost of traffic; ranked keywords which you could sort by traffic share in order to identify which ones generate most visits and get data for your content strategy.

Backlink checker

The backlink checker from SE Ranking provides the opportunity to assess the backlink profile of any website, including your rivals.

SE Ranking Review

SE Ranking backlink checker is a powerful resource to assist in creating an effective link-building plan.

It is capable of quickly revealing all the backlinks that a website possesses and providing data to determine their quality.

Our tests show that the tool was able to find more backlinks than other similar products due to its large database with over 2.7 trillion backlinks.

To begin using it, navigate to the backlink checker in the top navigation bar and enter either the domain or precise url you would like to analyze; this will produce an extensive report.

SE Ranking Review

SE Ranking gives an abundance of information in its report.

In the overview section, you’ll be able to examine lots of figures, lists and graphs.

Things such as the target site’s authority metrics, amount of referring domains and backlinks, dofollow/nofollow percentage, main anchor text, backlink tld distribution can all be inspected. In the backlinks section you’ll find a directory of each page that links out to the analyzed site.

Beside every page is included the dt and pt of the referring domain, what anchor text is used on it and also other parameters. Any backlink found in the backlink checker can be added to the backlink monitor tool in a single click (the integration we discussed before).

After that se ranking will keep track of its condition daily and inform you if there are any changes.

Website audit

SE Ranking has a website audit feature which enables you to create a comprehensive technical seo audit of your website either manually or on a regular basis.

SE Ranking Review

This module trawls through all of your website’s pages, examining for any potential issues that might be keeping you from achieving your target ranking.

After that, it points out how to fix the problems. To explain further would take too long a time, so we can’t go into more details here.

On-page SEO checker

The on-page seo checker is a very handy tool. It works to make sure your content is optimized for the on-page ranking criteria. You can find it in the tools section of the top navigation bar.

SE Ranking Review

This tool is like a website audit, but with more depth and targeting on-page ranking elements instead of technical seo factors.

It examines your metadata to make sure it has the right length and desired keywords, as well as the keyword density to be comparable to other top-5 competitors.

Additionally, it looks at your title tag, url, text content, header tags, page experience, usability, media files and internal/external links for any optimization opportunities.

When these are found you get recommendations in three categories: high priority tasks; those of medium importance; or low priority.

You can also refer to a competitive comparison section for an analysis of how your content parameters measure up against other pages ranking for the same keyword.

More useful SE Ranking features

We’ve gone through the basic seo resources accessible via se ranking, and that’s not the only thing.

It’s worth noting that SE Ranking has some additional characteristics that we won’t have opportunity to explore in depth. These are some of the most noteworthy:

  • Traffic Analytics. You can link se ranking with your google search console and google analytics, and with the analytics & traffic module you can then evaluate your website’s traffic and demographics.
  • Marketing Plan. This application furnishes you with a full-scale seo plan, including an all-encompassing to-do rundown of all the seo assignments you have to wrap up with a specific end goal to accomplish your objectives. You can likewise find and present your business to reliable catalogs and indexes from this module to enhance your off-site seo and snatch some easy backlinks.
  • Social Media Marketing. SE Ranking not only serves as a search marketing resource, but it also functions as a social media management tool. Through the social media feature, you can link your facebook and twitter accounts and then distribute automatic posts to your page while simultaneously tracking your social media analytics within the se ranking system.
  • Backlink Monitoring tool. We briefly discussed this module earlier when we were examining the backlink checker. With it, you can keep an eye on your website’s most important backlinks, so in case the condition changes or the link gets taken away, you will be alerted at once. This gives you the opportunity to act quickly to restore the missing link. You can also use it for forming disavow lists.
  • Content Marketing tools. You can utilize a variety of resources to give a boost to your content production endeavours. A content editor that makes it easier for you to refine your writing whilst doing it, and a tool which brings out topic concepts depending on the desired keywords.
  • Report Builder. SE Ranking provides outstanding report generation options. Customize reports according to your needs using premade templates or by dragging data modules into the constructor. When you are finished, export your report in any file format or send it via email.
  • Search Engine Autocomplete. Aside from the primary keyword research module, SE Ranking has a few other helpful keyword research utilities. One of these is the search engine autocomplete tool, which can create thousands of keyword ideas based on data collected from google autocomplete.
  • Keyword Grouper. The keyword grouper tool is an additional keyword research device. It enables you to group together related keywords into clusters based on their serp results. If multiple keywords generate the same pages in the serps, they are put into the same group. This is practical for forming your seo content plan as you can craft content that focuses on keyword collections, rather than single search words. By taking this approach, you can rank for more queries with less effort.


SE Ranking review: Pros and cons

After examining the different components of se ranking, we can now give our thoughts on the pros and cons.

SE Ranking pros

  • Incredible Value. SE Ranking stands out in terms of cost-effectiveness. It furnishes an impressive value for your money, with plans starting at less than one-third the cost of its primary contenders. This makes it suitable for novices and due to its pricing structure, it is also very inexpensive for businesses.
  • Scalable and flexible. SE Ranking gives you the option to decide how often you want to track your rankings, as well as the number of keywords. This way, you are not spending extra money on information that is unnecessary. As a result, you can start small and gradually increase your plan when your business expands and more keywords have to be monitored.
  • High-quality data. Our trials revealed se ranking’s data to be more dependable than other industry-leading rivals. It was capable of discovering more backlinks and keywords than other competing platforms, producing even more precise information.
  • Broad feature set. SE Ranking is a comprehensive all-in-one toolkit. It provides every resource seo marketers need, as well as some unusual options that you won’t find in other all-in-one solutions, such as the marketing plan module.
  • Project workflows. Organizing seo tasks into projects is something we found very convenient on se ranking. Set it up and it will do the rest for you — tracking your rankings, running audits, and providing all the necessary data automatically.

SE Ranking cons

  • Missing backlink metrics. SE Ranking provides several backlink measurements right away, but it’s not equipped with a couple of important metrics such as spam score. If you intend to assess the condition of your backlinks in real time and access all parameters like google index, follow/nofollow and ugc/sponsored, then you must pay an additional fee.
  • Cluttered UI. Many reports contain a huge amount of information, as well as multiple navigating features. This can be quite daunting initially, but with some practice you will become more familiar with it and eventually master this skill.

SE Ranking pricing

SE Ranking offers a selection of plans with a variable pricing structure.

SE Ranking Review

Rather than having a standard rate for each package, the cost of each plan is based on the scope of your project. The price you pay will depend on how many keywords you require tracking and how often rankings need to be monitored. Se ranking has three main plans available:


The Essential plan includes up to 10 projects and 5 competitors per project. It consists of one single user license and a wide range of core seo tools such as backlink examination and tracking, website evaluation, competitive and keyword exploration, etc.

Nevertheless, it is not equipped with some of the advanced functions like observing page modification, enlarging keyword library, and tracing organic search engine results page.

This plan does not include any past info about keywords and domains, plus the limits for use are much lower than with other packages.

This plan has an initial cost of merely $23.52/month, however, there is a potential for the price to go up based upon the amount of keywords and rankings you decide to monitor. Your usage caps will also raise with the amount of keywords and rankings you select when subscribing to this program.


The Pro plan comes with an unlimited number of projects and 10 competitors per project. 

This plan allows you to take advantage of the same features as the essential plan, in addition to unlocking advanced functions such as tracking page modifications, adding words to the keyword database and white labelling.

PRO users can also gain access to three months of past data and organic search engine result page history.

The utilization caps are much greater than those found on the essential plan, yet it is contingent upon how many keywords and rankings assessments you register for.

Prices for this plan start at $52.32/month.


The Business plan comes with everything in the Pro plan, plus 20 competitors per project, 10 user seats, and API access.

The most notable modification is the rise in utilization limitations. You’ll be able to perform a lot more backlink tests, studies, and page inspections than you would on the pro or essential plan.

Prices for the Business plan start at $114.72/month.

At first glance, the cost plan created by se rankings may appear to be perplexing. Nevertheless, it is actually well-planned since you are only paying for what you will really utilize.


SE Ranking review: Final thoughts

We have tried SE Ranking and can safely say that it is the most cost-effective, all-in-one seo tool on the market.

Its pricing plans are a bargain and its data quality is unbeatable. When compared to other industry top performers, se ranking comes out on top.

The expansive database of links and keywords is unparalleled — plus, se ranking is quite user friendly once you get used to it and has an array of features.

No matter what size your business is, you can benefit from its flexible pricing structure.

To see for yourself if this tool suits your needs, take advantage of the 14-day free trial. Click the link below to start now!



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